If you collect rare books in any category and want to expand your knowledge, your network, and your collection, this project is for you. The Collector Directory is a web tool to index and connect rare book collectors by their area of collection interest.

Joining the directory is free, and your personal contact information is always kept private. If anyone has something to offer in your area of interest, you’ll see it in your email first and always have the choice to engage or not. No one will ever see you unless you decide you want to connect.

If you’re a collector, dealer, club/association member, librarian, or blogger/podcaster, please take this quick survey to help me understand how you’d use the tool, and I’ll build what you need.

To learn more about the project, you can see how it works on the next page. If the concept sounds interesting and you’d like to get more information or provide input as it’s developed, you can sign up for occasional updates using the box on this page.

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If you’re interested in using this tool, I’d like to know how to best help you.

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Nate St. Pierre
Nate St. Pierre, Founder

Over the past two decades of building the web, I’ve brought tens of thousands of people together by bridging the gap between the digital and real worlds. This is my project to index and connect all the rare book collectors, dealers, institutions, and groups who want to be found, while carefully maintaining privacy for those who prefer it. Come join us!