If you’re a collector, dealer, club/association member, librarian, or blogger/podcaster, please take the quick survey to tell me how you’d like to use this tool, and I’ll build what you need.

Here’s how it works…

For Collectors

As a collector, your participation is always free, and your personal contact information is always private. When you join the list, you are able to specify in detail how much you’d like to be involved: from simply fielding offers in your area of interest, to reviewing questions from researchers, to accepting personal connection requests, you are always in full control.

(This project is currently in development and not yet live, but if the concept sounds interesting, you can sign up for occasional project updates using the box on this page.)

When the site launches, here are some benefits of listing yourself in the directory:

Connecting With Other Collectors

Anyone listed in the directory is able to email questions to any other collector in their topics of interest, and personal introduction requests are also allowed for those accepting them.

Expanding Your Collection

If you select the email option, you will get inbox notifications of books for sale in your specific topic(s) of interest as soon as they are available, not only from dealers, but also from other collectors directly offering items to you before placing them for sale online.

Establishing a Want List

If there’s a specific book you want to pick up, just add it to your profile. When a seller arrives with an exact match, the system can connect the two of you with a personal introduction.

Selling From Your Collection

You can easily put your sale items in front of similar collectors if desired. A small fee applies when selling, but listed collectors get a discount off the standard rate.

For Dealers

This directory can put you in front of the perfect group of people you want to talk to. Craft a compelling email, and not only can you quickly move individual books or advertise your business, but – more importantly – you’ll also form new relationships with collectors you could never access before, as people respond back to your one-to-many messaging.

Selling Your Stock

If you have a specific book to sell, just look up its category on the site, and you’ll see everyone who collects in that topic. The system will put an email with your offering directly into the inboxes of anyone you specify, and if someone has that exact item on their want list, this tool can give you a personal introduction. Any responses you get and relationships you establish are yours to keep.

Placing Perfectly Targeted Advertising

If you want to get away from generic banners or newsletter advertising, and even from close-but-not-quite-right Facebook ads, you can select your own 100% accurately targeted list of collectors who have self-identified as being interested in your offerings. Even better, your ad is in the form of a personal email and goes directly into their inboxes. There won’t be any spam complaints – each member has full control over what they accept, and this is what they’ve signed up for.

Getting Your Shop Listed

If you’re a dealer whose top priority is helping your clients get the exact books they want to expand their collections, then listing your shop’s website in the directory under your area(s) of specialty is free of charge.

For Clubs & Associations

If you run a collector group of any kind, I can build out a private portal for your members that gives them everything you see here, all co-branded with your organization. Contact and collection information can be shared within the private group but not the wider world, if desired. All members also have the option to individually accept worldwide offers in their areas of interest.

For All Interested Parties

If you’re a collector, dealer, club or association leader, researcher, librarian, blogger, or anyone else who loves the study and collection of rare books, and you’re interested in anything I’ve outlined on this page, please do not be shy about dropping me a line to ask questions, give your input, and see how you can get involved.

I’m talking to hundreds of people right now in order to learn how best to build this tool to help everyone in the industry, so yes, I really do want to hear from you.

(And if you don’t want to reach out right now, but still want to stay in the loop, you can sign up for occasional project updates using the box on this page.)

Congratulations on making it all the way to the bottom - here's a sneak peek...
Congratulations on making it all the way to the bottom – here’s a sneak peek…

What Features Do You Need?

If you’re interested in using this tool, I’d like to know how to best help you.

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